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Making [ IT ] work for You and Your business.

About Us

Web Design and Development

Built from scratch from the very first line of code. Custom Content Management System (CMS) or custom E-commerce Shopping Cart, tailored to your specifications.

Our website design capabilities include practical graphical designs with hardened technologies to ensure your site is deployed within scope of your target audience.

Web Hosting and Certs

Our web hosting servers are of premium quality with direct peering to tier one suppliers, ample bandwidth, and you can rest assured that your site will be functional - that is, we guarantee that your site will be up 99% of the time we host it, or we will issue full credit for that month!

Domain Names

We aim to provide realistic rates on domain names.

From Australian and New Zealand, to United Kingdom and the USA, and other respective country and special top level domains.

No overheads passed on to your invoices!

Kray is run from a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) environment in the Wollongong area. That is, we do not pay rent for business premises -- and all the associated costs -- and thus, we pass that saving on to you! Contact Us, you would be surprised on how economical we are in regards to custom web design and development, without sacrificing quality.

Simple, really

Our mission is to provide tangible solutions to You and, or Your business needs. We strive to achieve this via exceptional services at the best rates, and to follow that up with excellent customer support and our seasoned knowledge.

The Team?! Hah!

The building of our email servers, the web servers, the dns, the coding, the photoshop design, frontend UI, backend UI, the sales, the billing the marketing?! Some SEO too! Oh the voip work servers and phones, the pc builds, the SOHO set up. Yeah - all done be me, Sam. I'm more than a JOATMON (Jack of All Trades Master of None), i'm an 'IT JOATMOS'. The 'S' meaning some. I'm a nerd, and nerds do IT better. Try me. I don't ever clock off. Ever. :-)