Kray Custom / Vanity Domain Email and Webmail



Some of our hosted webmail domains are quirky, some profoundly silly, and others phonetically cheeky.

Try out our webmail service while making use of one of our established vanity domain names.

We will periodically add more vanity domains as time permits. So if there isnt a domain you like, come back again and refresh the list.

Get in early to get a clean name without the need to append additional symbols, hyphens, or what have you.

Service base is $12 AUD per year for 1GB of space per email account, with upgrades available should you need a higher disk quota down the line.

Please note this is a cheap throw away 'as is' webmail service and does not come with any business SLAs nor network fault/ uptime guarantees. And while we strive to take every precaution to minimise disruptions, some things are out of our control.

We do take periodical monthly and daily snapshots to minimise the effects of potential hardware faults or distasters. The rollbacks, if any, may or may not be precisely current to the last second. That is, we take monthly sitewide snapshots, and daily incremental back ups at a predetermined time.